Zitrr Camera v1.2 is coming soon!

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We have received a tremendous response from all you folks, and we’re grateful. There are over 100,000 Zitrr Camera users, each with their own preferences, usage patterns and issues, and we have been listening. Zitrr Camera v1.2 will be bringing you a host of updates that will make the already awesome app awesomer (and leave plenty of bugs crushed in its wake!)

A few of the things coming up include a redesigned UI, better performance, Facebook fix, smarter sharing, and a more responsive experience.

In the meantime, continue posting on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook with the hashtag #zitrr and help spread the joy! Here are some of the best shots we’ve seen…

Love Rustic Sunset Rock-n-Rogue Reprise Mannequin Another Day Rolls By Sunset @ Foco Life is Balance