Zitrr On Android: To Publish 3 Apps By September

Zitrr Meets Android FB Post

You guessed that right:  Zitrr Studios is soon to release some amazing apps for Android. As the news says, we’re going to publish exactly three of them by this September (note the confidence in the team). I don’t know if it’s big news, but we’re trying to make it sound like, really big. I’m sure you’d understand the implications (and the gravity of the matter).

The best part is that you got arrested by the news and you’re here reading this make-shift blog post. Don’t ask what a ‘make-shift’ blog post is. It doesn’t matter, now. So go on, keep reading.

First of all, let me take this opportunity to thank our lousy marketing communication (that is me, presented rhetorically), that folks around us are still confused about what exactly is Zitrr, or Zitrr Camera, or Rootwork.

There is a lot of theory under this which MBA guys will know and appreciate (or may not). Things like the benefits of umbrella branding and stuff. But we’re not Google. So to make it simple for all of us, let me just elaborate that Zitrr is just the nickname for our product app studio called Zitrr Studios.  Zitrr Camera is the name of the app. Like Google Maps, or Google AdWords. Rootwork sits at the top of everything, the company itself. Zitrr Studios, whereas, is not a different company but a division of Rootwork. Period.

For your information, Rootwork, now, operates as an IT services company. In simple words, we make mobile apps for companies and individuals we don’t know; and bill them in plain US dollars (and not rupee, you’d know why!).

I hope this helps. It better do.

If you’re still confused about Rootwork, Zitrr, or Zitrr Camera, contact our hotline number found in the footer of rootwork.co. The site is under-construction since ages, but we’re almost done with it now – itching to release it in the next I/O (joke!).

Finally, I will arrive to the agenda of this post.

As you might have sensed, the aftermath of Zitrr Camera was decent enough to keep us going. In-fact, we secretly started working on two other apps for Android and iOS as soon as we found that it was possible to convince people to buy our apps.

Smartphone users are usually very generous – especially the iPhone users. We’re all pumped-up and thumping to push more apps into their handheld piece of brains designed by Apple in California (one last time for a pathetic metaphor).

Since “Zitrr On Android” may imply to some that Zitrr Camera is being ported to Android, let me shout it out here in plain English: Zitrr Camera is not to be released for Android. No.

But we’re doing more awesome apps. Something the Android users won’t have to pay for (indeed, now they become awesome by laws of nature).

Zitrr Camera is just too much to ship for free (I’m sure your business acumen is riding with me). The months of OpenGL effort is really not worth it to keep our other ideas (apps) at bay.

Therefore there will be no Zitrr Camera for Android. Which apps then?

Say that we’ll have ones that are more easy, fun and useful; apps that you could utilize daily. But didn’t we talk about releasing three apps? Well two of them are gorgeous utility apps. The third one is a super-entertaining game! That’s true, a game. Which makes it two plus one: three!

We wanted to make something for Android because of the obvious reason: prevalent volume of user-base. Our apps should reside on more handsets – on more and more Samsung, Sony handsets. Even Micromax!

But we’re not killing iOS production. No one can, yet. iPad is still a sultan in tablets PCs category, even with Android handset users in Asia and Europe. As I said earlier, iPhone users are the most generous people in the world. So we’ll keep them abreast with more apps from Zitrr. By the way, we’re also building an app for a platform no one has ever heard of (mainly because it has not been released yet). You’ll be enlightened about it in a week or so.

Else, we’re building machinery that can churn your app ideas into the Next Big Thing! Sounds too cheesy? Okay. I meant you must be having some crazy ideas for apps. Post August, it will be possible for us (you and we) to work together on your app ideas. Stay tuned for more on this!

Quick recap: Zitrr Studios will be releasing apps for Android, starting this July, and eventually publish three of them by end of this September. Ciao!

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